KARA: colored lines or stripes which run along the edges of the wrap or weft. Kambi, puliyla, mandi, belt, vettu and sada are the main karas in vogue.
DHARA: Thin line or lines running alongside the kara. Can be either of colored thread or kasavu, in patterns like Vakunna and katti.
CHUTTI: The flag marks at the extreme of the kara. Variously classified as sada, salla, vari, katti, kasavu etc.
MUNDU: The main garment which covers the body from waist downwards
NERYTHU: Length of finer cloth draped over the shoulder to cover the upper torso .
PARIVATTOM :Full length, jeried ornamental cloth worn high around the upper torso leaving the arms free and shoulders uncovered. Used only by royalty.
KACHAMURI : Worn by Christian ladies from the waist downwards, artfully pleated at the back like a fan
ONNARA: Half length under garment worn by women inside the mundu
KASAVU :Consists of a silk core and a spiraling of silver around it coated with gold, woven in to form the chutti and kara at the edges